About Us 

Beneficial Insectary is committed to cultivating science-based product development, procuring continuous knowledge ofĀ least-toxic best pest management practices, and executing quality driven mass-rearing production providing our customers an affordable natural balance in pest management.

our story

Who We Are

For more than 30 years, Beneficial Insectary has been committed to cultivating science-based product development, procuring knowledge of least-toxic best pest management practices, and quality-driven rearing production. Providing an affordable natural balance for pest management in diversified urban settings, agriculture, and horticulture industries.

Once a tiny, family-owned farm, Beneficial Insectary started small, but is now a multinational company owned by Biobest Group and distributes all over North America.

As more and more people are turning toward sustainable solutions and biological pest control methods, we have had the honor of working with some of the largest names in agriculture/horticulture to restore the balance, and start using more natural pest management products.

We still serve some of the same clients who have been with us since the start, and we enjoy repaying their loyalty by meeting more of their needs. It really is a system; they learn from us, we learn from them, and we all enjoy continuous improvement in the world of natural pest control and sustainable approaches.

What we stand for

Our Values

Customer Commitment

Our Customer Service and IPM teams are dedicated in their commitment to delivering customer satisfaction and product awareness with every encounter.


We work together, to exceed the needs of our customers and to help our Company flourish.

Passion for Innovation

Driven and devoted to innovating science-based least toxic product development.

Respect for People

We honor and value our people, inspire their growth and celebrate their success.


We mass-rear outstanding products, with unsurpassed customer service that, together as a company, deliver superior value to our customers.

Personal Accountability

We are personally accountable for following through on our commitments every single time.

behind the scenes

How We Work

Beneficial Insectary operates facilities in the United States and Canada for the purposes of mass-rearing hosts and natural enemies.Ā 

Our research and development teams are continuously improving rearing methodologies for current and new products, conducting consistent quality control evaluations, improving natural enemy delivery methodologies and developing technologies for field population monitoring so that Beneficial Insectary can continue to achieve and maintain the highest standards of program and product quality.

where we came from

Our History

  • 1986

This year, Beneficial Insectary was acquired and was a small fly parasite producer.Ā 

  • 1990

In 1990, Beneficial Insectary started the production of the green lacewing, Chrysoperla rufilabris.

  • 1994

Beneficial Insectary purchases a production facililty in Guelph, Ontario, Canada that produces, to this day.Ā 

  • 2000

Beneficial Insectary moves its offices from Oak Run, CA to Redding, CA.

  • 2012

Beneficial Insectary acquires Greenmethods.com.

  • 2012-2016

Beneficial Insectary expands it’s production to include 19 new products.

  • 2020

Biobest Group NV acquires Beneficial Insectary and we expanded to being part of a worldwide organization.

  • 2022

Beneficial Insectary & The Association for Counseling, Education & Support join together to create Shasta Force Farm.


Executive Team

Cliff Noorlander

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Kleven

Chief Operating Officer

Jared Greco

Chief Financial Officer

Gregorio Ramos

Head of Production

Christen Smith

Director of Customer Service