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Sorry, but we do not produce that type of lady beetle for a few reasons. Most of the ones sold for biocontrol programs involves harvesting them from the wild and packaging them for commercial sale. Not only does this potentially impact the native populations, but there is potential to spread pathogens to other insects in the area where they are shipped to.

Another issue is that adult lady beetles will very often fly away from where they are released. To successfully reproduce, they require a lot of food for their offspring. Unless you are completely overrun with aphids, the adults will likely fly to a place where they can find the amount they need.

A great alternative to lady beetles that we produce are Green Lacewings. Numerous studies have shown them to be far more effective against aphids than lady beetles. We also produce and sell Aphidius colemani and Aphidius ervi, parasitoid wasps that help control over 50 species of aphids. We feel that our BCAs not only outperform lady beetles at controlling aphids, we also can certify their origin and clean production.

Biological control has several advantages when compared to traditional spray programs:

Ā· Pests can become resistant to pesticides; however, pests can never become resistant to predators or parasitoids. The biocontrol agent will win every single time.

Ā· You donā€™t have to worry about REIs with biocontrol, so there is no down time in production.

Ā· There is no need for PPE, which saves money and time.

Ā· The labor cost for applying biocontrol agents is typically much lower.

Ā· Reducing pesticide use is environmentally friendly.

The sachets are filled with predatory mites, prey mites as food for the predatory mites, and bran. They are your own personal mite breeding systems. The sachets will produce predatory mites for around five weeks. Week numbers are printed on the back of each one to let you know how old they are. The mites release on their own from tiny holes in the sachet. DO NOT CUT THE SACHETS OR MAKE THE HOLE LARGER! For plants large enough to support the weight of the sachet, use sachets on hooks. For younger plants that canā€™t hold the weight, use sachets on sticks and simply put the stick in the pot right next to the main stem of the plant. Donā€™t worry if the sachets get a little bit wet. The inside lining of the paper is water-resistant.

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If you navigate to the specific beneficial insect page on this website, under ā€˜Monitoringā€™ you will find advice on how to identify and monitor. It can be difficult to find certain species in the crop, though. Often the biggest clue that they are in there and doing their jobs is the lack of pests that result after releasing them.

The cost of a biological control program can vary greatly based on the crop you are using it on, historic and current pest pressure, and even environmental conditions. It is impossible to say the exact cost per square foot without knowing more about your specific situation. However, the cost of a biocontrol program is usually at least comparable, if not cheaper than traditional spray only programs when taking all factors into account.

If you need help identifying a pest or pests invading your crop(s) – contact us for further assistance. Our IPM team member in your region can look at a provided photo or video and help you identify what type of pest or pests you are dealing with and provide solutions for management.