What Is This Packet In My Plant?

What you received is a sachet with beneficial insects in them, specifically either Amblyseius cucumeris or Amblyseius swirskii.

  • Amblyseius cucumerisĀ is a predatory mite that is useful for the prevention, control, and management of various thrips species. These predators may eat other pests and mites as well.
  • Amblyseius swirskiiĀ is a predatory mite useful in the control of whitefly predominantly, and with some impact to spider mites as a noted side benefit.

These packets last up to about 5 weeks. Week numbers are printed on the back of each sachet. Anything older than 5 weeks from todayā€™s week can be thrown away as all the beneficial insects have been released.Ā  (For Example: If we are in week 21, 5 weeks prior is week 16. If your sachet has a week number between Wk 16 ā€“ Wk 21, it is still good. If it is between Wk 1 ā€“ Wk 16 it no longer viable and can be tossed away)

If your sachet is less than 5 weeks old, all you do is leave them in the plant and try to avoid getting the sachet wet. The insects release on their own through a very small hole in the sachet.

These sachets are non-toxic and non-hazardous. If your pet accidentally ingests the sachet it will not be harmed.

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